Sunday, 1 April 2012

Beauty Buys: Red Lipsticks

Sorry for not posting for a few days, been hard at work so haven't really had time. I've stalked some blogs and seen a lot of people asking about which red lipsticks are the best so I thought I might "shed some light" on that matter. 
The five lipsticks I will be assessing are 

Revlon Just Bitten Lip stain - Gothic (Yes I know it's a stain but thought I may as well put it there) (I got it for £5 but I think it retails at £7.99)
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick - Tantrum £4.99 ( I think)
Mac Matte Lipstick - Ruby Woo £13.50
Sleek True Colour Matte Lipstick - Cranberry (Was part of a set for £9.99), however the individual matte lipsticks in different shades are £3.99
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - Black Cherry £7.49

Sorry I would have taken a picture of them actually on but my camera is not flattering for shots that close.

Without flashWith flash 

The top half is just how it looks with and without flash, and the bottom half is what it looks like after washing my hands with soap. Hopefully you can see the finish clear enough. 

I can't say I'm that fussed about what they look like but my favourite is Just bitten, or Sleek T.C

Easiest to apply was by far Rimmel L.F, mainly because the consistency is so smooth it glides right on, be careful with that though because there's a chance of it slipping, I'm not joking (not dramatic *oooooerr it's all over my face now*, it's just very easy for it to slide out of your lip line which makes it look messy). 
Mac and Just bitten I found took the longest to apply. Because Mac is so matte, it's quite dry so there is a struggle to get it on unless you apply a tiny amount of lip balm before hand. You also need more than one coat for the colour to come through. Just bitten is like a felt tip, so it you're ok with colouring in your lips with a felt tip then there is no issue there. A few coats are needed with this too, and there is a chance of bleeding (not you, the lipstick) 

Both Mac and Sleek were matte which I loved. The Rimmel lasting finish and Revlon super lustrous were the shiniest. I personally do not like wearing red lipstick with so much shine so I'd have to favour Mac and Sleek in that aspect 

My absolute favourite shade was Mac. I  think it's amazing because it suits every skin tone, so many of my friends from different ethnicities have it and it looks amazing on every one of them. I have no fault with the shade
My second favourite was Revlon S.L, I liked the depth of the colour, it's on the cusp of being purple. This is a really cool and daring shade. 
My third was Rimmel L.F, I like how bright it is but just wish it were matte. 

I washed my hand with soap to see which ones would come off easily, and to be fair they all did well. I think Just bitten is actually the longest wear when applied to the lips. The more glossy lipsticks, Revlon S.L came off easiest 

Obviously my favourite in regards to price would be Sleek because it's the cheapest; but for value for money I would say first place is ... no, not you Mac sorry, £13.50 is a joke... no it's Revlon just bitten, or colour burst actually; the colours are intense and the quality is very good for £7.49/.99

Overall Winner
*Drum roll please*

Mac in Ruby Woo. Yes it's expensive but it's worth it. For the sheer fact that everyone can look equally as good in this shade is something I love about this lipstick. The matte finish allows the colour to speak for itself and isn't overpowering. It is a bit pricey but doesn't need to constantly be reapplied so lasts long.

..... After crowning Mac Ruby Woo as winner... I dropped it and it broke... HA!! ..... I am only laughing because I managed to fix it.... if I hadn't it would be a whoooole other story. 

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