Friday, 21 September 2012

"Real Women Have Curves".

So, well firstly, hiiiii guyss!!! As per usual I haven't done a post in a while, I've been busy working, sleeping, eating, working, eating, eating and eating some more. This lovely eating pattern of mine has unsurprisingly resulted in weight gain... woop woop!! I'm not fussed really, the way I see it is, if I'm unhappy with my weight gain then lose the weight..

                                                     PREACH SISTAA!!! 

Anyway, whilst browsing t'internet/magazines etc I've come across heaps of articles, interviews, quotations discussing female weight and what is deemed "feminine", "attractive" and so on. I'm writing this post based on the specific quote that's been flung around by many women (and men also, but I'm talking about women in particular) in one way or another. That quote being


I'm not going to go into depth as to how I feel about this because I'm hoping you guysies will have your say on this size zero/weight/appearance debate; I really want to know what you all think about it. I personally find that a lot of those who say this haven't really thought of what they are stating completely, and to some extent I find this quote insulting.

Here's briefly why(Here's why briefly... briefly here's why.. can those words be used as a singular sentence??) Whatever; here's why: I feel it completely undermines women who don't have natural curves, those who are naturally slim/skinny, or those who have lost weight and lost their "curves"; does this mean that they are not "real women"? If they're not women, then what are they? Men? 

Question: Is Crystal Renn less of a woman now she has lost weight? I'm not going to lie, I much preferred her look beforehand but that's not what I'm asking. 

It just grates on me a little; personally, I think curves are very attractive, if I had my way I would be way more curvier, but I'm not so whatever, but that doesn't mean that females who are slim/athletic built are any way less womanly or feminine. I just think that people are so concerned with political correctness surrounding obesity or overweight-ness, but tend to forget about the other side of the spectrum.... maybe that's just me... 

What do you all think? 


  1. Agree with you on this one.

    Not to say slim/slender women aren't attractive which they are, but we need to se more curvier women in action in the magazines, tv adverts, etc. xo

  2. I think healthy is something to aspire to, and for me curves are healthy. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your favourite things!!

    Random Drawers with Kylie

    1. I love reading different view points about this... I completely agree that healthy is definitely something everyone needs to aspire too... it's easy to forget that with all the media giving us mixed messages however, I think healthy comes in all different shapes and sizes whether curvy,slim,slender,athletic etc..thanks for taking the time to comment on this post, I really appreciate it :)