Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Nicole For Missguided

It's been over a month. I'm sorry. Lettuce just leaf it at that. 

So...now I've got one of my never ending puns out of the way..I don't even know why I used that pun, this post has nothing to do with food but whateverrrrr.....Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all happy and blessed, I've seen a lot of advertising for Nicole Scherzinger's collection for Missguided (which is quickly becoming my new favourite clothing sites) so thought may as well do a post on it. 

If I'm completely honest I was slightly disappointed at the lack of variation of styles and colours BUT, they did say that more styles will be added so I think this is just the starting line up. That said, wooooaaahh, some schmexy stuff is going on here....Here are a couple of my faves. 

Faux leather leggings- £35

Cross back bodycon dress £30

Shift dress with fishnet panel £35

Panelled blue crop top and matching skirt £25 each

Long sleeve fishnet crop top £20

Plunge neck cutout midi dress £45

        As I said, there will be more lines coming out but for now enjoy the array of faux leather, fishnet, and general hotness that is this collection



  1. I love this collection. I want the black and white bodysuit, pay day next week though so I'll have to wait lol. & I agree about the lack of colours, some pastels would have been nice :)

    Flaws For Days xx

    1. Yeh man, don't be shy, throw in a few pinks/greens/yellows or summint!

  2. I was very excited for her collection, but I was a lil disappointed cos of all the cut-outs. Some of us just are too big for them styles. lol!! Great post :-)
    *Appreciate your visit on my blog. Stay Bless!*


    1. Loll yes there are a lot of cut outs, I like them but wish there was more variety, I can't be wearing half of these nearer to Winter! Stay blessed too bub

  3. The fishnet skirt and crop top are my favourite in the line. She did a good job with the line.

    1. Ahhhh I am in LOVE with that crop top, it is so frickin hot!!!